Transform Your Floors, Unleash Brilliance: Rediscover Sparkling Tile and Grout with Our Unrivaled Cleaning Service in New Jersey

Without a doubt, tile and grout are some of the most difficult areas to tackle when it comes to cleaning. notoriously difficult to clean. Your old mop might fail to make your tile sparkle the way you would like to. Over-the-counter floor and grout cleaners and homemade solutions do not generate the desired results every time. Dealing with faded, dull-looking tile and deeply-embedded dirt into the grout lines, your job is ten times more difficult. This is why our professional tile and grout service exists: to cater to the needs of people like you who need an extra hand.

The Carpet Recovery Plus team is here to thoroughly clean your tile and grout and keep your bathroom and kitchen countertop and flooring neat and tidy.

Grout Repair Services We Offer

We provide the entire array of grout repair services for both home and commercial clients. We will carefully assess your exact needs and recommend the most satisfying solutions every time, with each different job. Here are a few of the top grout repair services we are hired to do most often:

  • Advanced  grout cleaning, including colored grout
  • Deep cleaning solutions for heavy staining and dirt
  • Protective seal application for long-term effects

Fight Off Tile Discoloration With Our advanced Tile And Grout Cleaning Services

 Tile Grout Cleaning near meTile and grout are difficult to clean and maintain clean since they are constantly bombarded by dust, dir and various contaminants that tend to build up in time and become more difficult to tackle. Eventually, they will cause your tile to look dull and sparkless, lose its original color and darken your flooring altogether.

Your usual tile and grout cleaners will simply not get the job done, as they can only reach surface dirt. You need to reach the nasty build-up and remove it from even the mot difficult areas you can access. Dirt found deep into the tile and grout’s pores require special attention on behalf of expert cleaners. Our team of fully experienced and skilled technicians can assist you with any complex cleaning job and make sure you will be 100% satisfied with the end-results. If this is not the case, we promise to come back and try even harder. You satisfaction is our main concern and we are not shy to repeat a cleaning job until we will make sure you will be fully happy with the results.

Carpet Recovery Plus is proud to employ expert technicians who have years of experience in restoring your grout and tile to its original luster. We only use state-of-the art equipment and the safest eco-friendly cleaning products available to professional cleaners for every job.

Tile And Grout Protective Sealing

We do not only offer deep cleaning services for your dirty and dull tile and grout, but we also offer expert sealing solutions. These should ensure that the freshly cleaned tile effect will last for longer, so we warmly recommend you to try out this extra as well. Our technicians will apply a protective sealer that will keep your tile and grout safe from dirt and mildew for up to 24 months.

We also offer similar services for colored tile and grout, in both kitchen and bathroom areas for residential and commercial customers. Give us a call and ask for our special grout color sealer so we can come prepared on site, or schedule a new appointment with us at a later date and time.

We can handle anything from ceramic tile to marble, natural stone, granite, porcelain and anything else under the sun.

Cheap Tile And Grout Cleaning Services

We know you do not want to pay an arm and a leg on new tile for your faded surfaces inside the bathroom. With us, you don’t have to! We promise to make your tile an grout look brand new at a fraction of the cost of buying new expensive tile – not to mention how much you would have to pay to have the old tile taken down and the new one installed.

Get in touch with us, give us an estimate of the surface tile you need cleaned and sealed with a protective sealer and we will quickly calculate an estimate and provide it to you over the phone. We also handle onsite assessments and price quoting. Why spend hours in a row scrubbing all your tile with no visible effects and get frustrated by it when you can sit back, relax, watch a movie and let our expert tile and grout cleaners do all the dirty job for you?

We charge affordable and fully transparent rates and we will make sure to have everything accurately explained to you down to every detail.

Give us a call today and let us show you why we are your number one go-to tile and carpet cleaner in town!

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