Revive Your Sofa’s Beauty: Experience Luxurious Comfort with Premier Sofa Cleaning in New Jersey

upholstery cleaners near meA clean sofa is not only more appealing for a room’s décor, but also better for your health and overall comfort. Whether at home or at the workplace, periodical fabric and leather sofa cleaning is a must for proper maintenance, as well as for promoting a longer lifespan. The Carpet Recovery Plus team is an expert in all things sofa cleaning. We have been serving home owners for many years and this has helped us continuously improve our skills and procedures.

We can tackle any simple or complex problem with the same level of professionalism and interest, using the best cleaning products and methods that will guarantee your satisfaction and zero damage. Get your free price quote and let us show you why we are the number one sofa steam cleaner.

Advanced sofa cleaning services we offer

No matter where  you may live, we can reach you at your preferred date and time and assist you with any leather sofa cleaning needs you may have. Whether you own severely stained furniture, sun-damaged colors, heavily-soiled and moth covered sofas at home or at the office that need the immediate assistance of a specialized cleaning service, we are the people to call.

We can handle dry vacuuming, special shampooing and scrubbing techniques, leather steam cleaning and hot water extraction, odorization and Scotchgarde solutions for all types of fabrics, silk, cotton and leather included.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • deep leather sofa cleaning services
  • dry cleaning and dry vacuuming
  • upholstered steam cleaning
  • silk sofa cleaning solutions
  • stain and spot removal
  • sofa, ottoman, bench and chair deodorizing
  • Scotchgarde solutions for long-term results
  • eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products
  • IICRC-certified sofa steam cleaners
  • Deep Sofa Cleaning Services 
  • Tile cleaning

Leather sofas, armchairs and ottomans are not only beautiful, but also expensive and more demanding when it comes to maintenance and advanced cleaning. In case of heavy staining and deeply embedded dirt, pollen, pet hair and germs that are impossible to remove using regular household cleaners or vacuuming, give us a call.

Pollen particles and invisible traces of dirt are attracted to all types of upholstery and accidental spills that are not handled straight away will automatically lead to further problems that will cost even more to fix. The accumulated bacteria will eventually attract insects, rodents and other types of pests that will wreak even more havoc on your sofas. You, your family and employees will end up suffering from various health issues, including allergies, skin and breathing problems.

Our technicians rely on powerful industrial-grade vacuum cleaners, as well as dry shampooing techniques and sofa steam cleaning that will ensure the efficient elimination of all traces of dirt and bacteria hiding into the crevices that are not visible to the naked eye.

With the help of advanced mechanized cleaning solutions, dry vacuuming for removing all loose dirt, various scrubbing techniques and, at times, chemical foam, we can get you rid of the most stubborn stains and spots. This will help your old, worn-out and faded sofas regain their lost charm, shine and beauty, smell and look fresh for a longer time and keep your allergies at bay for longer.

With the help of hot water extraction processes, we can ensure the safe and thorough removal of all remaining bacteria and dirt, as well as all traces of residual buildup. Another important step of our professional sofa steam cleaning service is the germ removal procedure. This is also done with the help of powerful steam cleaning methods that will kill all bacteria and instantly disinfect all surfaces.

Eco-Friendly Leather Sofa Cleaners 

The use of environmentally-friendly, non-harmful, organic and safe cleaning products is not only important for reducing our carbon footprint, but also because of the powerful impact that harsh chemicals are known to have on our well-being. You will be happy to hear that the Carpet Recovery Plus team only works with the safest eco-friendly cleaning agents and stain removal substances that guarantee best results. We strive to find the best organic products that contain no toxins and chemicals that can affect the human health, pollute the air and the soil or harm your pets in any way. If you are looking for a non-harmful and entirely safe sofa cleaning solution, give us a call now.

Advanced Sofa Deodorizing and Scotchgarding Services 

We can deodorize your leather and fabric sofas and leave them smelling fresher for longer. Take back your gorgeous and comfortable sitting areas and enjoy their beauty and convenience with our deodorizing services today. We can also assist you with advanced Scotchgarde solutions that will prevent the naturally occurring wear-and-tear from damaging your sofas. With the help of the most suitable protective sprays, we will cover the entire surface of the couch in several sealing layers that will ensure the sofa will stay clean and smell fresher for a few months. Staining should also occur less often once the Scotchgarde procedure will be completed.

Excellent Sofa Steam Cleaning Prices 

Contact our friendly customer support representatives and let them answer all your questions and concerns regarding your leather sofa cleaning needs, silk couch or cotton sofa deodorization and scotchgard necessities. We can rapidly do the math for you and provide you with an approximation of the final costs of the booked cleaning job, depending on the number of items you will need us to clean, as well as the fabrics, type of staining, wear-out degree and more.

We work with the best eco-friendly cleaners straight from manufacturers and this allows us to charge some of the most affordable and at the same time competitive sofa steam cleaning service rates.

Give us a call  and let us restore your favorite leather sofa or silk upholstered chair at good prices and fast speeds. Call now!