If you own a viscose rug, you are probably enjoying the beauty, softness, and appeal of a rug that resembles silk, at a fraction of the cost of an original silk carpet. Viscose carpets do have a few qualities that make them so sought after, including their gorgeous shimmer, spectacular softness and designs. However, the cheaper version of silk rugs also comes with a series of drawbacks. The weakness of the cellulose fibers is, by far, one of their greatest faults, and also the reason why their cleaning is a hassle every time.
Carpet Recovery Plus specializes in viscose rug cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial clients. We have a lot of experience under our belts working with hundreds of viscose carpets over the years, which makes us the number one choice when dealing with heavily soiled or stained viscose carpets that require professional assistance. Give us a call today, get your free price quote and allow us to assist you with the exact services you are looking for at affordable rates.

What Our Expert Viscose Cleaners Can Do For You
Viscose carpets are also called rayon, bamboo, or banana rugs and they are manufactured with a type of cellulose called regenerative cellulose. This cellulose is made from fibers that can be found in wooden pulps and cotton by-products, together with a number of harmful chemicals. The fibers inside any viscose rugs are so weak that these rugs will often times only withstand up to 70 fiber stretching or vacuuming procedures. As compared to silk rugs that can normally withstand up to 2,000 stretching or wool carpets that can withstand 10,000 stretching attempts, viscose rug are particularly fragile and they can break and get torn extremely easily. The Carpet Recovery Plus team is here to offer you the assistance you need. We know just how to tackle the following:

  • viscose rug assessment and thorough inspections
  • advanced vacuuming solutions
  • cleaning, washing, and stain removal using professional and non-harmful products
  • pet waste removal and cleaning
  • the application of special fabric protectants

Give us a call and let us know just what you need help with, or let us come over and inspect your viscose rugs and recommend the best course of action.

Our Advanced Viscose Carpet Cleaning Solutions

When assessing and getting ready to clean any type of viscose carpet, we will primarily make sure to assess and identify the weakest points of the rug. Usually, these are, as follows: Viscose Rugs Are Extremely Flammable These rugs are highly flammable, which means that getting into contact with even a small flame will cause them to burn completely almost on the spot, making recovery or restoring impossible. Our technicians know how to choose and implement the safest cleaning methods and keep any fire sources away from your rugs and the cleaning and drying area itself.

Viscose Rugs Stain Easily Another problem with these carpets is the fact that they are constantly subject to severe staining that is difficult to clean. The staining mostly occurs whenever a more significant amount of water reaches the fibers and stays there for a longer time. This includes water from our washing procedures, as well as high humidity inside the house or flooding from a broken pipe. Viscose rugs are extremely susceptible to mildew and mold, which is even more difficult to clean and remove. We know just what amount of water to use during the first and second cleaning procedures, as two washing cycles are normally needed in order to thoroughly remove all traces of dirt while making sure that the colors will not start to bleed too much. It is also extremely important for our technicians to immediately complete the thorough drying of the rugs in order to prevent the fibers from staying in the water for too long.

Viscose Carpets Are Extremely Weak The vulnerable and easily breakable fibers of viscose rugs make them a lot more susceptible to breaking, shedding, bleeding, turning brown or yellow, or getting stiff. Special cleaning techniques need to be used in order to prevent these problems from occurring.

Our rayon carpet cleaning process We know all the ins and outs of viscose carpets and we know how to clean them in such a way so that we will prolong their lifespan or at least not cause any irreversible damage to them. We never initiate any cleaning procedure prior to carefully inspecting the fibers, color dyes, and any other fabrics that have been used during the manufacturing. This will help us establish which are the most suitable, efficient, and less harmful cleaning methods to use. Normally, the best results are obtained with the help of acid-based detergents and thorough drying solutions. Since viscose dyes are not capable of holding dye, washing them using freshwater is extremely complicated and poses a lot of risks. Every time such a rug is washed, it will automatically lose one or two of its shades. Usually, a single washing cycle will not suffice to remove the dirt and staining, so you should also prepare yourself for the risk of the design and colors being affected by the washing cycles. When vacuuming a viscose rug, our technicians always use low-power vacuums in order to prevent pulling any loose strands and causing the fibers to break and shed. Our technicians will almost always use fabric softeners that will thoroughly mist the carpets before proceeding to groom them. The grooming will help stop the fibers from stiffing once the washing is done.

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