Introducing Premier Odor Removal Services in New Jersey


With the help of our expert odor-removal services and products, we can help you get rid of any unwanted, nasty, troubling or persisting odor in your home or commercial space. We rely on an advanced odor-removal system that allows us to tackle any kind of odor along with any allergens. We can ensure your space will be smelling fresher and cleaner than ever in less than 24 hours. Give us a call now if you are getting ready to host a home party and you need to get rid of some bothering odors you cannot find the source of or if you are simply tired of breathing the same stale air every day.

Odor-Removal Services We Offer

We specialize in the entire array of odor-removal services for both residential and commercial customers. We can handle any type of disturbing pet odor, no matter how persistent. Here are some of the most common services we currently offer:

  • Pet odor removal services
  • Pet stain removal services
  • Commercial and residential odor removal
  • Deodorizing services
  • Zero-damage policy
  • Guaranteed results

Just because you own a dog, a cat or a rabbit, it does not mean that you should have to look at ugly stains and inhale nasty odors every day. The Carpet Recovery Plus team is ready to assist you in any way possible with each of these problems. Our advanced deodorizing services and pet stain removal solutions are some of the best you will find in the industry at the moment. We guarantee that you are going to love the quality of the work we can provide you with. We use a specialized product, Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) to gas off any odor in your home. The process uses the revolutionary Just Gone Systems Efficiency System which allows us to efficiently get rid of all odors and allergens in under 24 hours.

Non-Toxic Pet Stain And Odor-Removal Services

We rely on a rich selection of pet- and human-friendly cleaning solutions that are exclusively meant for odor-removal; use in households and commercial spaces. Our fully trained and highly skilled technicians use the most advanced odor and stain removal equipment to handle all jobs, no matter how simple or demanding. We can effectively remove all types of stains with the help of environmentally-friendly, green stain removers products and other non-toxic cleaners. We want you, your family, children and pets to stay safe and not suffer any of the consequences that regular toxic cleaners usually incur.

We will start by accurately assessing the location you need us to deodorize and look for any traces of staining or spots, with special emphasis on pet stains and odors. We will next thoroughly pre-clean your rug, vacuuming it and getting it ready for our deep, steam cleaning process. Finally, we will proceed to deodorize it and remove an lingering odors or stains with specialized tools and products.

Why Choose Our Pet Odor Removal Services

  • We only work with IICRC-certified carpet technicians who can professionally clean and deodorize any type of carpeting. All of our employees are fully experienced and prepared to provide you with the most advanced solutions every time.
  • We use the safest and most efficient cleaning solutions and equipment originating form the manufacturers. This means we are able to offer lower prices on our pet odor and stain removal services.
  • We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions that will guarantee your carpeting will not suffer any damage during the deodorization process. We also specialize in antique oriental rug cleaning services.
  • We do not charge any hidden fees that other services might add to the final costs. We want to be fully upfront and transparent and ensure our customers will benefit from the most advanced and affordable solutions possible.
  • We can successfully eliminate all bad odors form your furniture upholstery.
  • We will make your home smell as fresh as the outdoor air in the nature and prepare it for accommodating guests or parties once again.
  • We can even get the odor out of your hardwood floors

Affordable Pet Stain And Odor Removal Services

We take great pride in the high quality of all of our pet stain and odor removal services and their small and competitive rates you going to find with us. Let us provide you with clear and detailed quotes and estimates free of charge and prove to you why we our services carry the best price-value ratio.

Steer clear from inexperienced cleaners who will ring more dirt in than they will remove and rely on our advanced pet stain and odor removal services for best results. Call now and schedule a meeting with us at the quoted price and to your absolute satisfaction.