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Moth Control

Introducing Premier Moth Control Services in New Jersey: Protect Your Home with Confidence

Welcome to Carpet Recovery Plus Moth Control, your trusted partner in safeguarding your home from the threat of moths in the beautiful state of New Jersey. With our comprehensive moth control services and effective solutions, we are committed to providing you with a pest-free environment and peace of mind. Say goodbye to moth-related worries and hello to a moth-free home!


Having moth trouble usually means your closets and/or pantry has already been affected by these pesky inspects who like to eat their way into bags of cereal, pet food, dry food or devour Kashmir or wool sweaters, cotton clothes and pretty much all the natural fabrics they can find. Your expensive oriental rugs or draperies are most likely under similar threat. If you can see dozens of larvae or flying moths crawling on the walls during the day or aimlessly flying around at night, being drawn to the light bulbs, you are probably looking at a moth infestation. Give us a call and let us help you get rid of the moths with professional and safe solutions.
Why Dealing With Moths On Your Own Is Not A good Idea

Unfortunately, these annoying and damaging insects can make their way into the smallest and most hidden cracks and spaces around the house. You will find them laying their eggs (hundreds or thousands of them) behind your furniture cupboards or inside your closet, hidden in those knitted pullovers you won’t be wearing again until next winter. Eradicating them on your own is easier said than done. While there are plenty of moth removal sprays you can find in stores, they are either too harmful to use inside the house, especially if you have small children or pets living with you. Also, most of them are simply ineffective and will eventually lead to ground zero: new larvae crawling on the walls and adult moths laying new eggs.

It is important to call expert moth control services like the ones the Carpet Recovery Plus team has to offer to make sure you will be fighting off this problem with all available resources. While they might look innocent since they do resemble the beautiful butterflies, moths are more harmful than you might think. Plus, who likes to see dozens of moths sitting on a winter coat inside the closet or inside a kitchen cupboard filled with your morning cereal? Moths are also known to reap havoc on expensive oriental rugs made of wool or silk. Make sure you pay great attention for any signs of moths (small holes or cracks in your clothes or food wrappers) and detect a potential infestation as fast and early as possible, because professional oriental rug cleaning will be the best way to save your precious rug.

Why You Need Expert Moth Control Services

Moths are a real danger to your expensive Oriental rugs. For example, Tineola Bisselliella is a flying cloth moth that thrives in dampness and Oriental area rugs. Do not let the small and apparently innocent small bodies of these inspects foll you. They can easily go unobserved, while their larvae feeds of wool carpeting. The eggs are hatches in around seven days, with the larvae continuing to grow for the following 30 months. At the end of that, the larvae become cocoons that live for seven days, then turn into moths who continue to live for about a month and give birth to new moths and so on. It’s actually a captivating cycle similar to the one found in butterflies, if it weren’t so damaging for carpets and clothes.

You need an expert carpet cleaner to break this cycle and make sure your moth infestation is completely eradicated. Anything less than that will sentence you to live in a household filled with moths who like to feed off your clothes and rugs. Plus, the same technicians can also efficiently repair any holes and tears in tour rugs and upholstery and and provide

 solutions, so you can completely forget that you ever had moths in your home.
Carpet cleaning experts who specialize in moth control services can re-knot and re-pile broken carpet areas and match the initial designs and colors with advanced color-matching techniques. Natural wool found in antique oriental rugs might be more difficult to match or imitate, but our experts are ready to handle this obstacle as well.

What Else Does A Month Control Technician Do?

The Carpet Recovery Plus team of moth experts can successfully rebuild the foundation of severely damaged carpets that have been affected by moth attacks to a large scale. This will occur through direct sunlight exposure of both sides of the rug for the duration of several days. This is necessary to determine whether there are any more moths and larvae that are still alive. All larvae and eggs will be eliminated with the help of controlled heating procedures – something that you would not be able to personally do using over-the-counter products. Plus, this procedure is also remarkably good at preserving the natural and original colors in the carpets, while protecting the weave.

Once the heating technology is used and all eggs are eradicated, our technicians will proceed to wash both sides of the rug with water and special detergent, then let the carpet naturally dry in the sun.
The foundation of a damaged carpet requires both horizontal and vertical threads that need t be secured in knots. The procedure is delicate and requires a great deal of attention to detail and skill, so it cannot be performed by anyone. The main goal is to ensure that the new knots and weaves look exactly the same like the rest of the original knots and weaves. It is also important to obtain a uniformity on the entire surface of the carpet.

Affordable Moth Control Services

Get in touch with us and let us provide you with free estimate of what getting rid of all the moths in your home would cost and schedule a meeting today, the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to completely eradicate all moths and their larvae and carefully hidden eggs that are not visible with the naked eye. We charge some of the most competitive rates in town and we warmly invite you to call our friendly customer support team for any more details.

Call now and let us put your mind to rest knowing you once again live in a moth-free home.

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