Revive Your Hardwood Floors with Premier Hardwood Floor Cleaning in New Jersey​

Welcome to Carpet Recovery Plus the premier hardwood floor cleaning, your trusted partner for restoring the natural beauty of your hardwood floors in the picturesque state of New Jersey. With our exceptional services and state-of-the-art techniques, we are committed to bringing back the luster and elegance of your hardwood surfaces. Get ready to rediscover the timeless charm of your floors!

We only work with experienced cleaners that have received their IICRC certification. They comply with the highest standards in the industry and they can successfully and safely eliminate all traces of dirt and bacteria while making sure to keep you safe from any toxic waste and substances. Our team does not only specialize in getting rid of all traces of oil, dirt, and debris that are deeply embedded in the hardwood floorboards inside your home, but we can also make your office floors free of all contaminants. We know natural oils, grime or mold can easily weaken your floors and cause them to break, thus costing you lots of money in repairs and replacement. Why spend an arm and a leg on new floors when you could pay a fraction of the cost of replacement and enjoy sparkling clean floors?

Popular Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services We Offer

The Carpet Recovery Plus team handles the entire range of wood floor cleaning solutions. We do not only do a great job at extracting surface dirt, but we also reach hidden and inconspicuous places that are impossible to get to using regular vacuum cleaners and wipes. We can get deep into the boards and the wooden fibers by using manual cleaning techniques. We also use protective coating solutions that will keep your floors cleaner for a longer time and prevent staining.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • residential hardwood floor cleaning services
  • commercial wood floor cleaning services
  • deep cleaning techniques
  • protective coating
  • manual washing and drying
  • professional scrubbing
  • eco-friendly services
  • moth control


Residential Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

We rely on expert debris removal methods to completely eliminate all traces of debris within the boards of the floors. We never initiate a cleaning procedure without first assessing the type of floors we are introduced to. This is needed to make sure there will be no damage done to expensive hardwood floors because of improperly chosen cleaning supplies. The replacement costs will always be higher than the price paid to a professional cleaning service, so make sure to first contact us before deciding to invest in new floors for your home.

No matter if you own mahogany, cherry, or oak floors, we will use the most suitable cleaning procedure based on environmentally-friendly cleaners that will trigger zero allergies in you and the rest of the members of your household. Your floors will be safe to walk on as soon as we will finish cleaning them, so you will be able to immediately resume your activities inside the house.

Commercial Wood Floor Cleaners

Office buildings, shops, and other commercial establishments that have hardwood floors require advanced cleaning and maintenance procedures given the large foot traffic and the rest of the elements that continually act upon them. We are experts at leaning large hardwood floor surfaces, no matter what wooden fabrics have been used for manufacturing. We can assess, vacuum, scrub, hand-wash, hand-dry, and apply protective coatings to your office floors and leave them looking cleaner and smelling fresher than ever.

Professional Hardwood Floor Scrubbing

We use the most advanced floor scrubbing practices in the industry that can accurately deal with all types of deeply embedded dirt and grime. We rely on state-of-the-art cylindrical cleaning gear that effectively precipitates the dirt and loosens the residue while setting it free from the fibers located inside the boards.

Our experts also use complex dirt extraction equipment that can extract all traces of debris and dirt and leave your floors dry in a matter of minutes. At times, when necessary, we also use a second scrubbing procedure to make sure we will effectively pick up any remaining dirt and residue.

Detailed Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Our cleaners are ready to tackle the most hidden corners and spots on your hardwood floors, including all the edges, corners, and various other areas where you might have a difficult time dealing with on your own. With the help of professional microfiber cloths, we will reach all edges including stairs, and eliminate any remaining residue from your floors.

Affordable Hardwood Floor Cleaning Prices

We specialize in free estimates offered by phone, online using our online forms or in person, at your address. Our services are some of the most competitive in the industry and we can assure you that what we charge will not even come close to the cost of having your expensive hardwood floors replaced or repaired.

Call now and get your free estimate and let us show you why we are the number one hardwood floor cleaner in town!