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Why You Can’t Clean Your Carpets Yourself

Every time you walk on your carpeting, you are crushing the previously mentioned pollutants and shoving them into the deep fibers. This makes it almost impossible for regular home vacuum cleaners to reach them. In time, if ignored and left unhandled, these particles will start attracting dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic bugs that are known to shed waste on a daily basis. How much waste? Around 200x what they weigh. From there, they can be easily inhaled when walking on your carpets.

Your beloved, comfortable and cozy carpets and rugs, furniture (with its upholstery), bed mattresses or pillows are places where these nasty creatures and their residue are constantly crawling, carrying unsuspecting airborne diseases, rashes and even sinus problems. If you find yourself sneezing several times a day with no logical explanation or even snoring too loudly, you are probably dealing with a dirty carpets, upholstery or dryer vents that need some serious cleaning. Rely on our professional team of carpet cleaners to come to your help. We use industry vacuum cleaners with advanced HEPA filters, satisfying carpet steam cleaning services, eco-friendly cleaning substances and the most efficient tools that can ensure to results every time.

Experienced Steam Carpet Cleaners At Your Service

The Carpet Recovery Plus team specializes in all types of carpet and Oriental rug steam cleaning services. We have been around for many years and our numerous positive customer reviews speak for themselves. Our main goal is to provide the most reliable, efficient and safe carpet cleaning services in the area. We handle everything from upholstery cleaning to Oriental rug cleaning, wooden floor cleaning services, carpet color restoration and repair services, moth control and tile and grout services. We clean, protect and maintain your carpeting, flooring and upholstery, handle emergencies in case of large spills, staining or flood damage.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Prices

We offer free estimates for your cleaning needs over the phone or in person, at the site and charge some of the most transparent, comprehensive and affordable carpet cleaning prices in the industry. We can help you restore your gorgeous carpets part of the family heirloom at a fraction of the cost of buying new rugs. We can also successfully restore bleached or stained carpeting and fix any broken fringes or other types of damage you might be dealing with.

Professional Carpet Color Restoration Services

We can help you get rid of nasty and stubborn coffee or red wine stain removal, discolored paint or bleach spots and even pet residue. We can restore the original colors in your carpeting and help fix any broken fringes or carpet patterns that may require additional attention.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Services

We have extensive experience in dealing with discolored, dirty and tile and grout fading tile and grout that has lots its shine, charm and brightness. We can get deep into the grout and get rid of all the embedded dirt, dust, grime, mold and bacteria, especially in kitchen and bathroom areas, with high humidity.

High-Tech Upholstery And Floor Cleaning Solutions

Our state-of-the-art home and business floor cleaning services are environmentally-friendly as well as allergen-free. All of our cleaning services are completed by IICRC-certified technicians that have a lot of experience in the industry. No matter how severely discolored or soiled your floors or furniture upholstery, we will rely on the latest upholstery cleaning gear and tools and leave everything looking sparkling clean.

Moth Control Services

Pesky inspects flying around your house at night, devouring your wool or cotton clothes in your closets or your pastry cereals and dry fruit? Let our moth damage experts handle your problem in a jiffy. We know dealing with a full-scale moth infestation is difficult to tackle with simple over-the-counter insecticides. Let us come over and completely eradicate all adult and larvae moths and their (thousands of) eggs and help you take back your home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Our expert cleaners can deep clean, restore and maintain all dirt and clogged dryer vents for you. We can restore the, to their original condition in no time.

We Offer Eco-Friendly, Allergy-Free Services

Just because you want to hire expert home carpet cleaners does not mean you should prepare for conventional and oftentimes polluting harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment and your own health. Our services are green and eco-friendly and will keep your allergies or any other potential health issues under control. All of our services have been inspected and approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Call now and schedule an appointment with us and let us provide you with professional and affordable carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, floor, dryer vent cleaning or carpet color restoration services!