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upholstery cleaning in Levittown PA

Upholstery Cleaning In Levittown PA


I just wanted to say that I love the wonderful job Carpet Recovery Plus LLC did cleaning & sanitizing my mattress. Matt is very professional and extremely attentive to his customer’s needs. Thank you again for a wonderful job.


Fran J, Levittown PA.


 This is a review from a recent customer, Fran J, whom had recently booked a job with me due to the exciting news she was moving into her new home and wanted all the carpets cleaned prior to moving in.


 The appointment was booked for a Friday, and when I made customer contact with Fran the day of, she informed me that although she was in her new home, the electricity was not yet turned on. I told her that this seemed liked a big inconvenience for her, and to just give me a call when power was restored.


 Fran contacted me on Sunday, and said that she now had power but she was getting new hard wood floors as a house warming gift, and she wanted to know if I could clean her mattress.


  At Carpet Recovery Plus we are well versed in upholstery cleaning so I was happy to oblige.

The next day I got the opportunity to go to Fran’s new home and meet her nephew and her Dad and set to work on steam cleaning, sanitizing and odor neutralizing her mattress.

  Upon completion of the work I was able to spend a few minutes with Fran’s Dad Paul, and talk shop, life and business. That is one of my favorite parts of the work that I do, the opportunity to meet different people and learn about their lives and life in general.

  So Call Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C. for all of your upholstery cleaning in Levittown PA.

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