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Wool Rug Cleaning in Bucks County PA


Wool Carpet Cleaning Above are pictures of a 100% Wool Rug That I was asked to clean b y a friend of my families. The rug has been cleaned in the past and I was told that it cleaned up relatively well but since the Christmas holidays that passed last year it has resoiled terribly. The Rug had some pretty tough spotting, which after asking the owner a few questions, I was optimistic about being able to pull them out as I was told that they were never treated with any chemicals since the spots appeared. I also knew that it was possibly a technician error as to why the rug soiled so terribly after the last cleaning. More often than not, if a rug is not thoroughly rinsed of all chemical agents after cleaning, it is probable that the rug will soil rapidly as a result. So I set to work. The first step was to pre spot the rug. For this I used a special concoction I’ve derived over the years, the main ingredient being ammonia. Ammonia is a powerful solution in removing stains from wool carpets. I saturated the spots and used my tamping brush with a white cloth to agitate the agent onto the carpet. With this step I have to be careful as to not over agitate the wool, because this can cause the epidermis of the fiber to break down. The next step is the cleaning. For this I used my hot water steam extraction unit with a wool fiber detergent at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Next I rinsed the pre spotter and the cleaning detergent out with a rinsing agent, ensuring that the rug is left residue free and therefore will remain cleaner for longer periods of time. This step is crucial when cleaning wool carpets. The last step was adding the scotch guard protection and shaking hands with another satisfied customer. Call Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C. for all your Wool Rug Cleaning in Bucks County PA