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Wool Carpet Cleaning in Bucks County, PA

Wool Carpet Cleaning

Wool is a natural fiber, derived from the fleece of sheep, and is the oldest fiber used in carpets, first being used in carpets since 2000BC.

Wool, like all other fabrics has its own characteristics which need to be taken into account while both maintaining and cleaning.


·        Naturally resilient due to Fiber Crimping

·        Good abrasion resistance

·        Dyes easily

·        Cleans well- clean between pH 4.5-8.5

·        Buffered products could cause damage

·        Natural soil resistance, releases soil easily

·        Natural protective membrane repels moisture

·        Natural fire resistance



·        Excessive alkalinity can damage the epidermis (outer layer)

·        Silicones (protectors) can cause resoiling

·        Chlorine Bleach will dissolve wool

·        Stains are very difficult to remove

·        Bleeding and crocking can occur

·        Aggressive agitation can damage epidermis, causing felting


Wool carpets are among some of the most expensive rugs out there and have been for centuries. This is due to a number of the reasons listed above. But many homeowners do not know what to do in terms of cleaning a wool carpet.

The best thing you can do, as with any rug, natural or synthetic, is regular vacuuming.  With a wool carpet, which dyes and stains easily, it is best to spot with plain old water and blot, then repeat using a white rag.

As far as detergents, if you do decide to go that route, and not hire a professional cleaner, it is recommended that you only use chemicals approved for cleaning wool, which means cleaners with a low alkalinity and will not dissolve the fabric.

At Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C., we use a 5 step system when we are cleaning a wool carpet.

1.      We vacuum thoroughly, removing as much loose soil as possible, as it’s easier to remove dry dirt than it is mud.

2.      We pre-spray the rug with a detergent that is especially made for Wool Carpets.

3.      We Steam clean the rug, using an approved cleaner, and keeping the temperature under 140 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid burning the wool.

4.      We use an acid rinse, to remove any residue of chemicals which will cause rapid resoiling of the carpet.

5.      Lastly, since Wool holds water, we treat with an enzyme application so that when the carpet is drying, there is no chance of mold or mildew forming.

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