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Water Damage Restoration: Mercer County NJ


Water Damage Restoration: Mercer County NJ

    Water is a necessity in life. We drink it, bath in it, use to cook, play and even in art. But water can turn in to a dangerous thing when it is unleashed into places it just doesn’t belong, i.e. your home. When you have a water or flood damage to your home, what do you? In this article I will fill you in briefly on what to expect from a restoration company during a water damage scenario.

Basically there are three main aspects to water damage restoration.

1.       Extraction- this is essential. If a thorough extraction of water is done to the affected areas prior to drying, the drying process will be shorter and easier.

2.       Evaporation- this is the turning of the liquid into a vapor which allows for the final stage of water damage restoration, Dehumidification.

3.       Dehumidification- in this step a dehumidifier will pull the vapor created from the evaporation aspect of the drying process from the air and remove it from the affected area.

   Now this is a quick overview, there are many other aspects of Restoration during a Water Damage like Demolition, Antimicrobial application, Air purification and much more, but these are the 3 main issues during the dry down.

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