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Using Vinegar To Remove Carpet Odor : Mercer County NJ


Using Vinegar To Remove Carpet Odor: Mercer County NJ

Odor problems on carpet can be annoying to say the least, whether it be proteins, body, pet or pet urine. As a carpet cleaner over the years I have been asked several times about how to use vinegar as a DIY tool to combat carpet odor. The acid in vinegar will neutralize many odors and sometimes mixing the vinegar with baking soda will boost its ability to kill the smell.

Here is a quick rundown.

1.       Apply baking soda to stain or area that is affected by the odor. (Don’t be afraid to use it liberally.)

2.       If the area is especially offensive, i.e. pet odor, apply another dose of baking soda and agitate it into the carpets fibers by using a broom.

3.       Let it sit for as long as you can for up to 2 days. (Baking soda will cause no harm to your carpet and will be removed so it is ok to leave for long periods.)

4.       After a day or 2 use a dust pan and broom to remove the baking soda. Then use a vacuum to remove that which was imbedded in the fibers.

5.       Sniff test time! Smell the area, if there is improvement then repeat the process and this should be adequate for sufficient odor removal.

6.       If the smell still persists then apply vinegar via spray bottle or wet towel and use a fan or natural air moment to promote drying. If the smell was a liquid source it is safe to use enough vinegar to reach the carpet pad as that is where the source of the smell lies, but do not over saturate the area. Once applied, let sit 10-15 minutes and blot dry and use a fan or natural air movement to promote drying.


If at this point the odor is still present then call a certified carpet cleaning professional and as always, keep them informed of everything you have done up to this point as it will be helpful in their attack plan to know this information. Call CARPET RECOVERY PLUS at (609)954-5649 for any questions on using vinegar to remove carpet odor in Mercer County NJ.

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