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Upholstery Steam Cleaning Near 19057


Upholstery Steam Cleaning Near 19057



Hi Matt:Thank you so much for the awesome job on my carpet and couches. Holy smokes, they look brand new again!


And I hear my 4 yr. old asked 1001 questions :-) 


I'll be calling you back here soon I’m sure. 


Dianna N


Levittown PA.


The above is an email I received from a client of mine not long after I had left her home in Levittown PA.  Dianna had scheduled an appointment with me and had mentioned the day of, that she would not be there, but that her mother in law and young son would be. When I arrived at the house, Dianna’s mother in law took me around and showed me the two rooms that were getting steam cleaned as well as the sofa. She then explained that the sofa was a mess do to her grandson spilling maple syrup on it as well as the everyday wear and tear that furniture receives.

I noticed that there was a matching love seat that was in similar condition and since the set was micro fiber, I knew that it would clean up very well. I called Dianna and talked briefly with her about getting the entire upholstery set steam cleaned and quoted her a price, she gave me the go ahead to provide the service.

After that I set out to work and the results speak for themselves threw the pictures attached. During the process Dianna’s 4 year old son was extremely inquisitive and curios, as well as really funny. As I’ve mentioned in other articles, I love getting to meet people’s families and spend time with them in their environment.

So call Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C. at 609 954 5649 for all of your upholstery steam cleaning needs near 19057.


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free scotch guard treatment on love seat with sofa/love seat combo cleaning