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Upholstery Cleaning, Hamilton NJ

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Upholstery Cleaning, Hamilton NJ


There are several reasons to clean a couch, armchair or ottoman. One of the biggest is the everyday food, soda, coffee or ketchup stain that every family will encounter regularly.  Also there are more extreme reasons, an ill child who got sick while lying on the couch, or the family pet that gets a bit too comfortable on your furniture. Or maybe it’s just time for your annual upholstery, carpet and dryer vent cleaning, that you’ve had done so many times before.

All of these are excellent reasons for a good, thorough professional cleaning, but what about the contaminants that you can’t see? Every day there are dust mites, dead skin cells, oils and allergens that are invisible to the naked eye.

In order to ensure a clean, healthy living environment you should get your upholstery and home cleaned regularly.

What Can You Do-

            Take a preemptive strike against dirt, grime and soil. The most effective way to do this is to contact the retailer or manufacturer of the piece of upholstery in question, and ask what is the best way to spot a stain, clean, and reduce soiling. Armed with the right facts you can greatly divert the everyday dirt and grease that is in a home from attacking your leisure post.

Professional Cleaning-

            At Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C. we offer state of the art upholstery cleaning in Hamilton NJ. There are a number of different fabrics consisting of many different fibers and each one needs to be treated with the care and attention that it both needs and deserves. Cleaning a couch is much different than cleaning a carpet, so it must be approached with a different technique. 

            Most pillows are filled with padding or feathers which are much more absorbent than a carpet, therefore a pre-spray detergent will be applied before touching the material with a hand tool. Once applied we will use our Hot Water Steam extraction Unit to clean, rinse and vacuum the fabric, using a fiber rinse in this step is crucial, as it will greatly reduce any leftover detergent residue which often attracts quick re-soiling.

So call Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C. for all of your carpet and upholstery cleaning in Hamilton, NJ.

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