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Tile & Grout, Carpet Cleaning: Hopewell NJ

Tile & Grout, Carpet Cleaning: Hopewell NJ


Matt and his crew came to clean my carpets throughout my house.  These carpets are at least 15 years and have never been professionally cleaned.

Matt and his crew were diligent in protecting the walls from their equipment, and did an amazing job.  The carpets practically look brand new.

I was so impressed that I had Matt come back 2 weeks later to clean the tile/grout in my kitchen.  Again...the results were awesome.

There were NO surprises regarding the costs.  This is a locally owned small business that I am happy to support.  I can't recommend them highly enough.

Peter S, Hopewell NJ, (Actual Review taken from Carpet Recovery Plus’ Yelp Page)

Does your Carpet or Tile Cleaner use drop clothes to protect your hard surfaces? Do they use corner guards to prevent scratching your walls and banisters? Do they use a SEAL-A-Door to keep your indoor elements in and the outdoor elements out?

If not you may want to ask yourself one question, why not?

Carpet Recovery Plus goes the extra mile in all that we do and you owe it yourself to have the best possible experience when having your home serviced.

Call Carpet Recovery Plus today at 609-954-5649 to schedule your Carpet or Tile & Grout Cleaning in Hopewell NJ.


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