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Removing Play-Doh From Carpet in Princeton NJ


Removing Play-Doh From Carpet in Princeton NJ


PLAY-DOH is a staple in almost all households across America with children. It is a wonderful treat for small children to grab or gush the PLAY-DOH in their little hands and watch it spread. Bigger kids like to create shapes and objects with their DOH. The only drawback to this great little creativity booster? The fact that it gets onto everything, and then dries. Many clients ask me how to remove PLAY-DOH from their carpets or upholstery, this article will review a couple of procedures I’ve had positive results with in the past.


1.    To remove PLAY-DOH compound from carpet or fabrics, allow it to dry completely, and agitate it with a stiff brush. It is also a great idea to vacuum the area a few times, slowly after rubbing with a brush to loosen the compound. If some PLAY-DOH still remains you may want to dry soap dish soap mixed with warm water. Apply the solution and dab with a white cotton terry cloth.


If you get to the spot soon after it is dried it is sometimes effective to rewet the PLAY-DOH with hot water and blot with a terry cloth. I have also had luck with wetting the DOH and then applying new PLAY-DOH on top and magically watching the embedded compound stick to the new adhesive DOH.


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