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Pet Odor Problem Carpet: Furlong PA

Pet Odor Problem Carpet: Furlong PA

The following is a review from a recent client who’s cat had a urinary tract infection and as a result the family’s sectional couch had an odor commonly associated with an ill pet…..


Based on the fantastic Yelp reviews, I hired Matt to clean my sectional sofa and 6 ivory dining room chairs.  Matt was on time, was completely professional yet laid back and personable.  My sofa and chairs look brand new and my home smells clean and fresh.  I've never written a Yelp review but my husband was so impressed with the experience we had with Matt that he told me I should "yelp him out".  Thanks Matt!

Tara C, Furlong PA- Taken From Carpet Recovery Plus’ YELP Page


As a professional IICRC Certified Carpet cleaner the first issue when trying to remove urine and odor from a contaminated piece of carpet or upholstery is to neutralize the source of the smell. Urine’s original form is acidic and is low on the ph. Scale.  However over time it becomes an alkaline and maintains a higher ph. If you try to remediate a urine soaked area without first bringing it back to its original state, the result will be nil or even worse, you could reactivate the smell when you wet it.

Our Pet Premium Package may be just what you need to rid your home of unwanted pet odors and stains. Give Carpet Recovery Plus a call at (609)954-5649 for all of your Pet Odor Problems in Furlong PA.

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