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Mold Testing, Mercer County NJ




Mold Testing, Mercer County NJ

    Are you purchasing a new home and want to make sure the air you and your family will breathing is safe? Are you putting your home on the market and do not want to have any surprises along the way? Have you seen what may or may not be Mold in your home and want peace of mind? Well you are in the right place, call Carpet Recovery Plus for your Mold testing in Mercer County NJ, and surrounding areas.

    We are a certified Mold Inspection Company as well as a certified Mold Removal Company, so we are your one stop shop for your Indoor Air Quality issues. What we offer our clients,

  1.  Free Mold Inspections
  2. Mold Testing/ Air Quality Testing
  3. Mold Removal
  4. Our Specialty “Miracle Gassing” which will clean your homes environment in its entirety.

  We also have a rapid turnaround on your results for Mold Testing, as quick as 2 days!  If the tests do come back as being positive for Mold and you hire Carpet Recovery Plus as your Mold Removal Professionals, we will deduct the initial test fee from the remediation invoice.

  So call Carpet Recovery Plus today at 609-954-5649 for your Mold Testing in Mercer County NJ.

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