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Mercer County NJ: Professional Carpet Cleaning Reviews


Mercer County: Professional Carpet Cleaning Reviews


Jessica B.

o    Plainsboro Township, NJ



I had squirrels get into my apartment and thus needed carpets and furniture steam cleaned. Matt did an amazing job and I am very particular. From the first conversation where I asked for a quote to the completion of the job he was very pleasant to work with. For starters I had to reschedule because the squirrel issue was thought to be resolved was not. When I called he was so nice and understanding and was more worried that I still had squirrels then that I was cancelling. The price he quoted me was the price charged. There were no games or tricks and when he was telling me about the packages, I had no idea which to go with, so I explained my situation and waited for his recommendation. He ended up recommending the lowest package for my needs which is refreshing since he could have tried to up sell me but he remained honest. I highly recommend this company. One last thing, I do not like it when work people are in my house, I get a little anxious in the sense of I want to be there and know what is happening. I was instantly at ease when Matt came in, he is very friendly and personable. I ended up leaving for a few minutes to run next door and had no anxiety about leaving him alone in my home. I have never been comfortable with a stranger like that. So if you are nervous about having someone in your home I am sure you will be put at ease.

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