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How to Scotch Guard a carpet, Newtown PA

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How to Scotch Guard a Carpet-
Protecting both the lifespan and the appearance of your carpet can be done with just a few simple steps. Below are 5 simple steps that will dramatically improve the life and resilience of your carpet.
1. Vacuum.
This step is vital- about 75% of the soil found in a carpet is dry soil, so regular vacuuming will rid your carpet, and your home of excess dirt.
2. Walk off mat-
As mentioned above, Dry soil is a major factor in soiled carpets. A walk off, or door mat, will catch up to 85% percent of the dirt that is brought in from the outside world.
3. Spotting-
Keeping spots and stains off of your rugs can be difficult. But what if you had a means to combat new stains once they appear. Many of the store bought stain removers do nothing but “hide” a stain, and in many cases even make matters worse.
However many household solutions, used in conjunction with one another can do wonders in defeating such things as red wine, ink, even pet urine. Ask your carpet cleaner for a spotting kit, or research how rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, water and baking soda can all keep stains at bay.
4. Regular Carpet Cleaning-
All of the above will greatly help protect your carpet, but without regular steam cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner it will all be for naught. Depending upon family size, traffic, small children and pets, your cleaner and you can set up a maintenance schedule that will suite your needs.
5. Scotch Guard-
Protecting your carpets after they have been professionally cleaned is vital. Scotch Guard adds a protective barrier against stains and soiling. Above are pictures of a rug that looks dirty, but has been regularly treated with a protective coating, and a picture how well it comes back to life as a result of the aforementioned steps and scotch guarding a carpet in Newtown Pa,