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How to Clean Olefin carpet: Hamilton NJ


How to Clean Olefin Carpet: Hamilton NJ

Polypropylene, or Olefin Carpets are the most popular Berber style of carpet. Just Like all other rugs, they have characteristics which differentiate them from the rest. These characteristics make them unique, and can also make the difficult to clean.


·         Must be solution died

·         Most stain resistant

·         Excellent fade resistance

·         Least water absorbent

·         Floats on water due to specific gravity less then water

·         Melts easily



·         Poor Resilience

·         Low Melting Point

·         Attracted to oily soils

·         Wicking Problems

At Carpet Recovery Plus we are well versed in all different types of carpet and upholstery and therefore have answers for difficult situations we may encounter at your home. For example, since Olefin carpets are prone to like oily soils, we understand that homes with large dogs and d olefin fibers are going to be extremely tricky to clean. Since they are accustomed to wicking we are aware of all preventative measures which should be taken to avoid this if achievable. No matter what, Olefin has to be vacuumed prior to any treatment due to its ability to hold dry soil.

Carpet Recovery Plus has a staff of IICRC Certified Carpet Care Technicians that are more than educated, determined, and willing to take on the sometimes tricky task of cleaning your Olefin carpet. So call us at 609-954-5649 with any questions you may have on how to clean an olefin carpet in Hamilton NJ. 

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