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How To Remove Rust From Carpet: Mercer County NJ


How To Remove Rust From Carpet: Mercer County NJ

Rust stains in carpets can be a challenge to remove due to the tiny oxide particles that exist in the strain, also some treatments may actually set the stain as opposed to removing it.  The best way to get rust out of your carpet is to call a professional, this is due to their knowledge, equipment, chemicals and know-how of all of the above. Keeping in mind that if a carpet cleaning professional is not the first responder to the scene, the chances of getting the stain out is greatly decreased due to incorrect use of previous treatments applied to the stain.

However, if you are confident in your ability to take on the task at hand, I recommend using chemistry to successfully remove the rust stain.


Materials needed-

·         Lemon juice and regular table salt.

·         Or mild dishwasher soap and ammonia.

·         Or commercial grade rust removers.


Steps taken

·         Follow instructions on rust remover if using commercial grade chemical.  (Recommended)

·         Squeeze lemon juice onto stain to saturate.

·         Sprinkle lemon juice with salt.

·         Allow lemon juice and salt to react with stain for 24, while keeping stain most by spotting with lemon juice.

·         Blot stain after 24 hours.

·         Rinse spot with cold water.


A different method is to apply a mixture of 1/4 teaspoon mild dish soap with 1 Cup warm water. Allow the

Stain to saturate for 5 minutes.  This will allow the surfactants in the detergent to lift the rust particles.

Blot  stain with a clean white cloth &rinse with cold water. Repeat the process until spot is gone or until the cloth doesn't pick up any more of the rust.


If the rust stain persists then call Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C at 609 954 5649 for our expert approach on how to get rust out of carpet in Mercer County NJ.

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