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How To Clean Dog Feces On Carpet in Lawrencville NJ


How To Clean Dog Feces On Carpet In Lawrenceville NJ.


So the other day I received a call from a customer named Sheila, who was at her wits end with her dog Lola. “Lola has been pooping in my son’s room, who is coming home from college in 4 days and I don’t know what to do!” Sheila exclaimed.

I explained to Sheila that I had just the thing to remove the dog feces from her carpet, and that I could come out to her home in 2 days. Then Sheila threw a curve ball at me- She asked if I had any eco-friendly dog feces cleaner? I told her that I do carry eco –friendly treatments and I could certainly   put them to use on Lola’s accidents.

When I got to her house Sheila showed me the damage and voiced her anger at her family pet. I assured her that I see this every day and that it is just a fact of life.

After that I raked the carpet to remove and loosen as much of the dried soil as possible. After that I slowly vacuumed the areas to remove the loosened soil from the carpet. Next I treated the spots with my Planet Guard Pre Spray (an environmentally safe product.) After which I rinsed the spots with my Planet Guard Detergent/.fiber rinse in order to remove all of the dog feces from the carpet. The pictures I believe tell a better story.

It is very important to say that the fact that Sheila hadn’t treated the dog feces with any over the counter carpet spotter is a big reason why I was easily able to remove the stains.

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