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Heavily soiled Carpet cleaning Bucks County PA


Cleaning Heavily Soiled Carpets


Above are some pictures of some heavily soiled hallways and steps my in which my client was very concerned about my ability to remove this heavy soiling from her carpet. She is trying to sell her home and did not want to spend the money on new carpeting prior to sale.


      After a brief consultation with a client when I ask questions about what the soiling may have been, how long it's been there, and if she had ever done anything on her own to try and remove the soiling. After finding out that more than likely it was oil from her son working in the garage on his car and tracking it into the home, I was better armed with the facts to put together a plan of action.

    The first step was to loosen up all the dirt and debris in the carpet, I did this by racking the carpet and vacuuming it with a commercial strength vacuum. After this was complete, the next step was trying to suspend all the soil that was in a carpet. I did this by mixing up a special blend of enzymes and chemicals which was specifically put together to break down the oil in the carpet. After the pre spray was administered a dwell time of 15 to 20 minutes is needed so the enzymes can set to work on the oil.

      The final step was to us my hot water steam extraction unit with a fiber rinsing agent which removed both the soiling and the pre spray detergent from the carpet.

      as you can see in the pictures above the dirt is being removed almost instantaneously without any work on my port. Upon completion of the job the client was extremely happy that she did not have to spend a lot of money to get her carpet replaced. Call Carpet Recovery Plus for all your help with Heavily Soiled  carpet cleaning in Bucks County