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Hamilton NJ Carpet Steam Cleaning Services


Hamilton NJ, Carpet Steam Cleaning Services


The pictures above are before and after pictures of a customer of mines bedroom.  She had called and said that it has been three years since her last professional cleaning and her two dogs and three children "really done a number" on her carpets.


Over the phone I asked the standard questions,  how often did she vacuum,  what, if anything did she use to treat spots, what were the majority of the stains consisting of, and lastly,  what type (fiber) of carpet does she have?

The last question is of paramount importance because carpets, much like people, have different characteristics,  and some have certain characteristics which allow them to clean up better than others. With that being said, carpet also has characteristics which allow them to hang on to soil


When I arrived at my customer’s home I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had commercial grade carpeting throughout her home, which is designed to stand up longer to heavy traffic and is also more user friendly on my end for cleaning. 

My client had said she had looked for carpet cleaning services near Hamilton and found carpet recovery plus and was impressed with our reviews so gave us a call.

I explained the procedure, vacuuming, soil suspension and a hot water steam extraction, and I set to work. I believe the pictures can do more as far as results than my words can, but both myself and the homeowner were extremely happy with the outcome.

So call Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C for all of your carpet steam cleaning services near Hamilton NJ

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