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Hamilton NJ: Air Duct Cleaning


Hamilton NJ: Air Duct Cleaning

Why should someone clean their HVAC system?

Because the air that ventilates threw the average home recirculates an average of 7-10 times per day. The air is taken from the homes living areas and drawn back in the trunk lines of the system through its return vents. They will generally hold about 80-90 percent of the systems dirt and dust. The air the travels back down the systems trunk lines to the base of the unit where it is recycled through the blower motor, and circulated back into the system. The newly circulated air travels through the service trunk line and is pushed back into the home via its many service vents. The service vents and their trunk lines are usually not as dirty as the return’s.

·         What Will Cleaning the Air Ducts Do?

·         -Our air duct vent cleaning professionals remove dust, fungus, mites & bacteria from your heating and air conditioning vents

·         -Asthma sufferers can be helped by having air ducts cleaned regularly

·         -Allergy symptoms can be reduced

·         -Utility bills can be lowered & the efficiency of your HVAC system can be improved by having your air ducts cleaned

·         -Indoor cleaning may be reduced

Let CARPET RECOVERY PLUS take care of your homes indoor air quality by cleaning your HVAC system. Call us at (609)954-5649 with any questions you may have or to book an appointment for Air Duct Cleaning in Hamilton NJ.

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