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Haddonfield NJ: Pet Urine on Carpet

Haddonfield NJ: Pet Urine Odor on Carpet

     Does your family’s best friend leave behind an unpleasant smell? Does this odor seem to get worse in the summer months, especially on those hot humid days? If you answered yes to either of these questions then there’s a good chance that you need a urine remediation treatment. 

      What causes this smell is a question I am frequently asked while servicing these types of situations so I comprised a short list of some reasons.

  1. Urines original state is acidic, but after it sits in the carpets fibers it turns to an alkaline after losing oxygen.
  2. The Urine travels to the backing of the carpet and sometimes even to the padding underneath.
  3. In some instances if an area has been frequented by an animal for periods of time then the urine can even penetrate the subfloor underneath the carpet.
  4. Let’s face it, bodily fluids don’t smell pleasant.

In order to remove the odor from the home the stain first needs to be treated with a neutralizer which will turn the urine back to its original acidic form allowing it to be removed. Just topically applying a deodorizer will not help permanently as the problem has not been removed it has only been masked.  

Next the stain needs to be treated with a deodorizing product along with the neutralizing agent and left to dwell.  Then the spot and the products applied need to be extracted.  At Carpet Recovery Plus we use the water claw which pulls up everything from the pad, to the backing to the face yarns of the carpet.

Now you can breathe easy again!  So call CARPET RECOVERY PLUS at 609 954 5649 for any pet urine odors you have in Haddonfield NJ.

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