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Free Mold Inspection Hamilton NJ





Free Mold Inspection Hamilton NJ


    Do you suspect you have mold in your attic, basement or home? Are you getting ready to put your home or condo on the market and fear there may be mold present?  What if I told you that we do Free Mold Inspections in Hamilton NJ?

    At Carpet Recovery Plus we believe in helping our neighbors, and for this reason we will do a free visual mold inspection in your home, office or condo for all Hamilton NJ residents.

   It is common that if you see Mold then there is no need to get a test done, but if needed we can do that too.  Mold will stop the sale of a home or office in its tracks! That’s why you need a Certified Mold Remediation Company to take care of the issue as soon as possible. 

    So call Carpet Recovery Plus today and schedule your free in home Mold Inspection to see if you and your family are in danger.  A visual Mold inspection can help set your mind at ease and give you the peace of mind that only a certified professional can deliver.

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