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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services:Mercer County NJ


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services : Mercer County NJ


Carpeting in a commercial environment gets much more traffic than in the average residential occupancy.  Because if this, the carpeting is more susceptible to different types of pollutants.  The last thing you want people to see when they enter your store front, is a heavily soiled traffic lane leading to the reception desk. In order to prevent this, a regular maintenance cleaning is recommended. 


Things to do in between cleanings to help your investment.

·         Walk off mats

·         Carpet Protectors in front of Desks

·         Regular vacuuming

·         Scotch guard protection after each steam cleaning


On average a commercial space receives sixty percent more foot traffic than the standard American living room. So the question is how often should I clean my office? We at Carpet Recovery Plus would love to sit down and work out the appropriate schedule with you. But to give you an idea, a family of four with no pets and regular traffic should get their rugs cleaned every 9-12 months, so you can do a quick guesstimate using multiplication as to how many people are in your work space every week or month.

At Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C we are well versed in cleaning industrial rugs, and know how to approach each job with an open. Mind and set out to maintain the integrity of your offices floors. 


So call us at Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C at 609 954 5649 for all of your commercial carpet cleaning services in Mercer County NJ.

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