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Commercial Carpet Cleaners: Bensalem PA


Commercial Carpet Cleaners: Bensalem PA

Hello, my name is Matthew Jarnis, and I am the owner/operator of Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C. located in Trenton NJ. Above are some before and after pictures of a commercial account that I have at a local Pediatric Dentist Office in Bensalem PA.

Dr. Elliot Maser is a well renowned Children’s dentist who had gotten my contact information after I cleaned his carpets and upholstery in his home for his wife.  Dr. Maser called me and scheduled an appointment to have his offices waiting room cleaned.

After a brief walk threw I asked him how many children/parents were occupying the room each week. How often they had the room vacuumed and professionally cleaned.  Based on the information I got from the Dr, I put together a cleaning schedule that would do the following for his office:

·         Make the environment more aesthetically pleasing.

·         Reduce allergens and pollutants in the office.

·         Help in keeping the medical equipment in the building sanitized.

·         Help in odor control

·         Keep the number of illnesses in both patience and staff down.

·         Keep his carpets in better shape for a longer period of time.      

At Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C. we are IICRC certified carpet technicians, who look forward to helping you maintain a clean, friendly, and productive work environment. So call Carpet Recovery Plus when you are in need of a commercial carpet cleaner in Bensalem PA.

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