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Bleach Spots

This is one of the biggest causes of frustration with our clients. Whether its household bleach or “over the counter” carpet spot outs that are the cause of the spot, Carpet Recovery Plus can restore your carpets color to its original state. We guarantee our color matching expertise can even fix pattern carpets bleach spots.

Color Restoration

Is your Carpet structurally sound and in good shape with the exception of some color loss issues? Whether the loss is from chemical reaction or sun fading or even just age, we can match your carpets color and dye the entire room back to the beautiful radiant color you remember.

Color Change

Would you love a new look in your family room? Tired of the same old beige but don’t want to spend thousands on a new carpet when yours is in great shape besides the color? No worries, we can always add more color to your rooms design! Give us a call to see how this process works.

Area Rug Restoration- Sun Fading

This is an issue our clients are always faced with. They have an elegant oriental rug, or a family heirloom that is priceless and irreplaceable. The problem is that while it was in their home the natural light from the sun entering the house has slowly been lightening the vibrant colors in the rug. One day it strikes the owner suddenly that this once magnificent rug is now dull and old looking. Not to worry, Carpet Recovery Plus can restore your family’s keepsake and give it a new life!