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Central Jersey Carpet Cleaner Company Reviews


Central Jersey Carpet Cleaner Company Reviews


"The owner is wonderful, fully engaged in the cleaning. The entire process was seamless. The owner was concerned with the cleaning and not with the hard sell of add on services. Would highly recommend this business."

Posted: 7/9/2014 5:08 PM

Jan Z

  This is a review from another satisfied customer of Carpet Recovery Plus. My name is Matt Jarnis, the owner that Jan spoke of in her quote. Jan is from the Central Jersey area and I originally went to her home to clean 3 rooms of carpeting and some steps. We spoke briefly on the phone while booking the appointment and she had mentioned her dog and how it sheds tremendously.

  Upon arrival we discussed the different avenues we could take to decrease the soiling and stains that come from owning a big dog. During that discussion Jan had asked if I clean Oriental Rugs. I told her that I offer in –home Oriental rug cleaning at a fraction of the price of my competitors. She walked me through which rugs she would like cleaned, we set a price and I set out to start the cleaning process.

   I feel that Jan’s kind words can say much more than I can about the quality of work that she received that day. So look at what Carpet Recovery Plus’ customers have to say about us on Facebook and Yelp when you are looking for Central jersey Carpet Cleaner Company Reviews. Give us a call at (609)954-5649 .

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