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Carpet Steam Cleaner Monroe NJ


Carpet Steam Cleaner Monroe NJ

Hello, I am Matthew Jarnis, owner/operator of Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C, and the before and after pics you’ve just seen are from a family home in Monroe New Jersey. The family called me because a gutter had broken outside of their son’s room and they needed a small water removal/mold and mildew job done.  The homeowner asked me if I would be able to steam clean the carpets in the rest of his house. After doing a brief walk through and realizing that I did in fact have the time in my schedule to steam clean the reaming four rooms of carpeting as well as the hallway.

The picture that is at the top of this article is from one of the family’s twin daughter’s room. Chloe. Chloe and her sister are four months old, and as you can see there is a big stain in the middle of the carpet. I pre sprayed the stain with an enzyme treatment, mixed with heat and a traffic lane minimizing agent, I then raked in the spray so it would agitate the soiling even more so.

After doing this, I left that room and steam cleaned the rest of the rooms and the hallway that the homeowner had asked me to clean. This took roughly 30 minutes. As I’ve stated in many of my previous articles, dwell time for a pre spray application is mandatory, and I was confident that the 30 minutes that had passed would suffice.

Next, I set out to clean little Chloe’s room, stain and all, and I was pleasantly surprised, as were Chloe’s parents that the soiling came up.

So call Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C. your Carpet Steam Cleaner in Monroe NJ.