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Best Carpet Cleaner in Newtown PA


Best Carpet Cleaner in Newtown, PA

What makes a great carpet cleaner? Experience, equipment, honesty, integrity, reliability, expertise, workmanship? The correct answer, YES, to all of the above.

Principles of Cleaning

The object of carpet cleaning is soil removal. Cleaning can be accomplished by several methods, but regardless of the method chosen, five principles must be followed to achieve the best results.

The 5 Principles

1.      Dry Soil Removal

2.      Soil Suspension

3.      Soil Extraction

4.      Grooming

5.      Drying

Dry Soil Removal-

74-79% of the soil on most carpets is dry soil, so naturally, it would be easier to pick that up off the rug while still dry. Before vacuuming, if the carpet Is tangled or matted  it is best to use a brush or grooming tool separate the yarns of the carpet which will increase air flow while vacuuming.

Vacuuming is to be a push/pull motion with a minimum of 6 passes in heavy traffic areas. The push pass is the positioning of the vacuum while the pull pass removes the soil.

Soil Suspension-

This is where the soil which was not removed from vacuuming is suspended from the fibers through a four part system. Time, Agitation, Chemical; and Temperature. In a nut shell, a detergent or pre spray is applied to the carpet ( Chemical), it is then allowed to dwell for 15 minutes to sink in and break up the soil(Time), the chemicals are mixed with hot water in order to activate the enzymes in the detergents(Temperature), then it is raked with a tool in order to drive it into the fibers of the carpet(Agitation).

Soil Extraction-

This is where the suspended soils must be removed from the carpet. There are several methods used to achieve this part of carpet cleaning, all with success. At Carpet Recovery Plus, we use a hot water steam extraction method which makes us one of the best carpet cleaners in the area.


This is recommended for carpet appearance only, to remove wand marks.


Usual dry time is between 3-5 hours, carpets that exceed this time could result in odors, slip and fall hazards, and resoling.

The pictures above are a before and after on a flight of steps in which all 5 principles were practiced by Carpet Recovery Plus L.L.C., which is why we are the best carpet cleaner in Newtown,PA